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The story goes as follows: Are you a budding entrepreneur? Do you have a small or medium business and want to expand it? Do you need fuel for this in the form of more sales ..? Sometimes you get the impression that your company is on one side, and your customers are far on the other side, there is a gap between you and you feel invisible to them?We are coming to help! We will help you build a bridge on which customers will start to approach your company! After all, your company, or you yourself, will effectively appear on the most popular social media. J.We are a specialist agency, what counts for us is the quality of services, not the quantity. Our goal is to provide an effect and value to our clients. Therefore, we offer you one of the most effective methods of acquiring customers with an optimal budget - these are undoubtedly Facebook Advertising.

That is why we guarantee that we will bring a certain number of potential customers to your sales page for our remuneration (plus advertising budget)! What if we don't fulfill the contract? Well, in next month we will renew our service ... for free ... until the results are promised .. Sounds promising, you can't lose anything, you can only gain! Please contact us for additional information and a project quote.

Facebook Advertising
price list and range of services

At the outset, we would like to point out that the services and prices given below are indicative. We always put the customer first and flexibly adjust to your needs. Therefore, if you want to modify the given offer, adjust it to yourself, fill in the form and we will make a free quote for your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Facebook Advertising

facebook Ads

  • We acquire 20+ potential customers within 30 days of cooperation through advertising campaigns
  • We guarantee that the promised results will be achieved or we work for the next month for free ...
  • Content-related ad support
  • Graphic support for ads Designing advertising post graphics
  • Facebook pixel integration
  • Remarketing Use of advanced ad targeting options
  • Monthly report - documenting the effects promised in the contract
  • Constant contact with the client, we will inform you about the results obtained every week
  • No contract, you can end the cooperation whenever you want
  • The price of the service does not include the cost of the advertising budget

Types of advertising campaigns
Facebook Advertising

Do you know that Facebook advertising is one of the most effective methods of acquiring customers? Facebook Ads have almost endless possibilities. You can very precisely select the target group of your advertisement, thanks to which it is displayed to people who are really interested in a given topic, and you do not waste your advertising budget unnecessarily. You have the option to show your ad to people who are celebrating their wedding anniversary next month. The perfect tool! We have several types of advertising campaigns, depending on the client's needs, we choose the one that will bring the best results


The aim is to build awareness of the company / products among users, thanks to which the advertised entities will be better noticed and remembered. 

The goal is to reach the largest possible audience from the target group with a specific budget. We can optimize a campaign focused on the target range in two ways: by reach, i.e. we will reach the maximum number of users in a given budget, or by impressions, where the ads will be displayed the maximum number of times.

The use of the campaign with the goal of traffic is to direct the maximum number of users to the selected destination (to the selected website tab, mobile application, Messenger conversation). This campaign can be optimized for landing page impressions, link clicks, impressions, and unique daily reach.  

The goal of the campaign is to increase user activity towards a given post, get more fanpage likes or increase the response to a given event.

The goal is to display the video to as many users as possible from a given target group. The video form is a great way to present a brand or product in an interesting and dynamic way.

In other words, getting leads, created ads contain a contact form and are displayed to users most willing to leave contact information in this form. Regardless of the services offered, it is worth including in the content of the advertisement, for what purpose the contact details of persons are collected and how they will be used in the future.

The goal of this campaign is to generate leads, we establish contact with the client via Messenger. We have extended possibilities here, comparing to campaigns with the goal of acquiring contacts, because we immediately interact with the client (which is useful when we advertise all kinds of services). In addition, it is possible to prepare a suitable conversation template or even a chatbot that will guide the user through the first few questions. In this way, you can pre-filter contacts and involve users in further interaction.

The goal, of course, is to increase sales. Examples of campaign application: increasing sales in an online store, simple remarketing of the best products (conversions), automated remarketing for many products at the same time (sales from the catalog), acquiring new customers

Building sales funnels

Have you ever wondered how long it takes before a user who has never heard of your brand becomes your loyal customer and will recommend you to other people? Technically, how many ads does a potential customer need to see before converting? According to some studies, the ideal frequency for Facebook ads is 4 impressions. It is most effective for a potential customer to display 4 different versions of advertisements, which will help him get used to your brand. This is what creating a marketing funnel is all about. 


The customer does not know your brand, he sees it for the first time.

Get his attention and interest him!


The customer already knows your brand and associates it with specific services / products. Considering making a purchase.
Show him what problem you are solving.


The customer decides to buy your product / service.

Encourage / persuade him to buy.


Satisfied customers come back to your store / your services and recommend your company to their friends.

Encourage them to purchase again.

We build effective and effective sales funnels using Facebook advertising

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